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Quantitative Risk Analysis for Projects

In this article in our series on risk management, the focus will be on performing quantitative risk analysis for a project. We will see that quantitative risk analysis is a way of numerically estimating the probability that a project will meet its cost and time objectives.

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Effective Handover of Projects to Operations Teams

This article focuses on project handover of large scale, complex industrial projects to operations teams. The project team is recognised by the owner for creating a facility that meets owner requirements by accepting handover, while the owner is assured that the facility can be operated, maintained and improved in a sustainable way.

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Introduction to Engineering Management

The ultimate objective of an engineering manager is to enable the project manager to focus on the overall project management aspects, as per the PMBOK knowledge areas of the project and for him to work with the engineering manager to ensure successful completion of the technical and engineering work.

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Effective Information Management through the Opportunity Life-Cycle

The ability of an organisation to operate profitably will depend on many factors, one of which is the ability of people to quickly process information and collaborate with each other. This applies to every stage in the opportunity life-cycle: from concept development, project initiation, project execution, commissioning of plant and ongoing business operations.

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