Let us help you develop and execute a successful project

Our goal is to make your owner team more effective through providing expert advice, training and support.

We are a team of experts with complementary competencies who specialise in the development and implementation of industrial scale projects, and we:


  • confirm that business objectives can be achieved;
  • understand and can balance owner needs;
  • identify and manage project and business risks and opportunities;
  • focus primarily in Africa but participate in GTL and CTL projects worldwide;
  • add most value when we work from a position of trust, as part of the owner’s team, during the early stages of project development.


The ultimate value to the owner is a well-defined business case and well executed project within budget, schedule and safety constraints, that delivers an optimised and reliable business venture.

Areas of expertise

Our consultants provide owner project teams with expert and practical guidance to enhance project performance in the following areas:

  • Business skills in market and product research; business case optimisation, business development, economic evaluations;
  • Project skills in project development (e.g. desktop study, FEED);
  • Owner Roles throughout the project life-cycle;
  • Strategic partner management (e.g. engineering and management contractors);
  • Technology and engineering expertise to assist in the evaluation, development and licensing of the different technologies and configurations to optimise facility conversion, energy and environmental efficiency;
  • Operational and maintenance expertise that will positively affect the facility’s availability, reliability, life-cycle costs;
  • Inherently safer and greener technologies;
  • New energy (renewables and gas);
  • Specialist subject matter expertise in areas such as business systems and information technology, specific project interventions, value assurance, facilitation and more.

The consulting methodologies are backed by an extensive library of toolkits relating to capital project development,  comprising practical guides, templates and training courses.

We will always ensure that business objectives are translated into project outcomes.

Specialised Reviews and other Services

These specialised reviews follow a process with deliverables specified upfront.  Depending on the problem, we typically start with an executive level assessment to determine the objective.  This is then followed by workshops and information gathering as required to clarify the requirements and map the way forward.  The final deliverable is usually a report or a clear plan that the owner can act on.

Independent Due Diligence

Due diligence reviews are done typically at the end of a bankable feasibility study to assure financiers that the project is properly developed and can proceed with minimum risk.   We review the project objectively and compare with benchmark information and our experience to guide the owner to where there might be issues.

Gate readiness reviews

We provide an independent review of the project deliverable status prior to the project approval cycles.   The result is an evaluation of the project status that is benchmarked against other similar projects,  together with a risk mitigation plan.  These reviews are often a requirement by the financiers that require assurance that the project is in line with international benchmarks,  for example World Bank standards.

Framing and alignment

We assist by facilitating framing and alignment workshops with the core project team that ensures that the project is aligned to the business objectives at the start of each stage.   These facilitated sessions follow a proven methodology that covers every aspect of business development and project planning at just the right level of detail for the stage of the project.

Roles and Responsibilities Analysis

We evaluate the roles and responsibilities in the project team in accordance with the business requirements in order to ensure clarification and alignment.   This reduces overlapping responsibilities and makes sure there is clear accountability for delivery.

Business System Requirements

We assist the owner to define the business systems requirements necessary for operating the new facility.   We establish which systems should be delivered with the capital project and which should be integrated to the owners existing business and IT infrastructure.   We estimate the capital and operating costs.  We work to evaluate the infrastructure and platform requirements, identify potential vendors, select software, define the scope of software integration work and define the scope of the other IT  work packages.

Corporate social investment (CSI) services

We are able to advise and support corporate social investment programs that address the need of surrounding affected communities,  be it schools, training facilities, housing etc.   We assist the owner in adequately planning for the CSI investments, tracking progress, stakeholder communications and evaluation of the benefits realised through the project.

Project Development

We can work with the owner to develop a project in line with the business case through the whole project life-cycle using sound stage-gate principles.  These consulting activities are customised to the needs of the client and typically include:

  • Developing an idea and  opportunity framing
  • Setting up the owner team up for success
  • Validating the business case and ensuring that the project is aligned with the true business need
  • Identifying and aligning all key stakeholders
  • Supporting the owner team, and especially the sponsor and project management team to lead effectively
  • Defining, planning and controlling the project using stage-gate and project management  principles
  • Applying effective owner project controls that provides management information to empower the owner to make informed decisions
  • Assisting in licensing and commercialising technology if required
  • Developing and managing both product and project scope
  • Pro-actively managing business and project risk
  • Ongoing communications to all stakeholders
  • Evaluating and ensuring the effectiveness of the project team
  • Controlling project outcomes through value assurance process
  • Capturing, analysing and transferring owner lessons learnt
  • Guiding members of the owner team to effectively fulfil their role on projects

Organisation-wide Project Systems

We provide resources and assist owners to establish organisation wide standards and procedures for project initiation and execution, as well as sustainable operations.  We can assist owners in benchmarking the maturity level of their projects and with the associated change management processes. The following are examples of specific areas where we provide these solutions:

  • Development and implementation of project stage-gate models including work processes and procedures aligned to the specific organisations culture and governance requirements
  • Development and implementation of fit for purpose project opportunity framing and alignment processes
  • Development of sponsors to empower them to effectively sponsor projects
  • Developing value assurance processes fit for purpose for your business
  • Establishing risk management processes that can effectively identify, plot, address and monitor risks and opportunities  on your projects
  • Assisting the owner in setting up or improving the Project Management Office (PMO) effectiveness and efficiency
  • Development and implementation of lessons learnt processes
  • Developing an organisation-wide project execution planning standard and process
  • Development of any owner team related project life cycle guidelines and processes

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