Established companies investing in capital projects

Your business needs

As an established company needing to make capital investments you are faced with several challenges.  You might not have a dedicated owner team in-house who can develop and execute capital projects.  Or your team might lack specific experience or expertise in certain areas.  You might not have a complete end to end methodology,  or your current methodology does not adequately cover what needs to be done.

OTC will work with you to:

  1. Improve your existing project processes with an empasis on the early stage project development.
  2. Provide you with a structured and proven front end loading practice that can result in a 7% cost reduction, 12% reduction in time to beneficial operation and 50% improvement in safety performance (when compared to industry norms).
  3. Improve the predictability of future project outcomes and improve the ability of your project team to deliver as promised.   We will empower your team to ensure no overspent projects, late delivery or safety issues in future,  and to ensure that each plant will meet the long term performance criteria set by the business.

How we work with you to solve your challenges

Challenge #1:  Good “business ideas” are not developed

Often the best business ideas are never properly developed.  Owners rely on Engineering Contractors (EC) to complete a feasibility study and execute the project with poorly developed ideas/concepts.    The EC cannot link the business case to the scope of work,  and therefore is unable to optimise the design, accurately forecast costs and cannot deliver a facillity that will meet the requirements.

How OTC tackles this problem

OTC bridges the gap between the business idea and a fully developed business case and project framework such that the scope of work can be properly quantified and developed for an engineering contractor to optimally perform the necessary work.

In particular we work with you, the owner to:

  1. Develop the business case
  2. Guide and/or complete the desktop and prefeasibility studies as may be required.
  3. Assist / prepare the bankable feasibility study
  4. Independent Benchmarking of project objectives and targets

Challenge #2:  Projects do not meet safety, cost, schedule, operability and business performance targets.

Owner companies,  particularly smaller companies who don’t execute projects frequently  cannot justify permanent in-house project teams to define and oversee project development throughout the life cycle. The project is therefore overseen by an inexperienced manager relying solely on the engineering contractor for direction.

How OTC tackles this problem

OTC provides consulting services throughout the project life-cycle based on proven stage gate methodologies.   These are delivered in the form of  self service resources and training (Toolkits),  facilitated workshops, training courses and consulting.

In particular we work with you, the owner and guide the following activities:

  • Framing and alignment involving key stakeholders.
  • Business case development, preparation of the prefeasibility and feasibility study.
  • Development of the “project specification” for implementation by an engineering contractor.
  • Provision of management oversight and support during project execution.
  • Assistance with analysing / providing project controls systems
  • Guidance / support on integrated business systems and IT
  • Provide project controls services (planning, scheduling, estimating)
  • Advising or providing project controls systems
  • Analysis of Engineering Contractor systems
  • Development of quality and risk management plans and the implementation thereof
  • Development of safety health and environmental plans.
  • Defining the key competencies and structure for an effective owner team
  • Sourcing of competent personnel to staff the  owner project team  throughout the  project life-cycle.
  • Assist in commissioning planning and execution.
  • Assisting /execution of  production trials
  • Involvement and guidance in the project steering committee
  • Guiding and advising the project sponsor
  • Provision of technical support in specialised areas
  • Conduct independent due diligence or gate reviews
  • Reviewing existing client/contractor relationships and systems to identify and guide improvements

OTC can take on all or part of the Owner Team role by providing appropriate competent personnel.  OTC  can also assist the owner in identifying and recruiting members of the owner team in which case OTC could function in an supporting, advisory and coaching role.

Challenge #3:  Project teams/owners need to quickly  and effectively execute a specific project related practice but lack the necessary tools and expertise.

Companies with established and agreed project methodologies would nevertheless still benefit greatly from specific support in a particular area.  

How OTC tackles this problem

OTC provides you with expert facilitators plus subject matter experts ( as required) to conduct focused workshops.

These workshops are based on industry best practice with proven and tested methodologies and tools.  They empower the team to very quickly set the scene and agree an action plan.

The workshops typically take 3-5 days and cover topics such as:

  • Framing
  • Value Chain Optimisation
  • Value Improvement Practices
  • Project Execution Planning
  • Quality management planning
  • Business planning
  • Design reviews such as hazard/systematic studies, hazardous areas, safety integrity level (SIL)
  • Business system requirements definition

Results achieved

OTC have run focused workshops with many established owner organisations including Tana and Sasol.   These include framing sessions, value chain optimisation, constructability reviews,  project execution planning.

OTC have completed a number of projects through the entire life-cycle including the gas engine power projects at Ressano Garcia and Sasolburg.

For more information on these and other case studies please contact us and we will assist with reference information.

We used OTC to advise TATA on a coal-to-liquids (CTL) project that is planned for the Orissa state in India. The work was done in close collaboration with TATA and (OTC) personnel and the final report presented to TATA management in a clear and professional way. In all respects OTC acted in the interests of the owner (TATA) on this project and continuously strived to add further value to the project.  TATA’s would be open to engaging OTC on future similar projects.
Sukaran Singh

Vice President - Chairmans Office, Tata Sons Limited

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