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Our high impact focused workshops are designed to make decisions, empower your team and plan the way forward.  Over three to five days our experts will work with your team in a professionally facilitated session around a specific focus area.

Some of the workshops available:

Our workshops can make use of software tools and methodologies to quickly benchmark your data, diagnose your problem, model the process and optimize the parameters to best meet your goals.  Normally we would prefer to travel to your location,  but we are also able to run certain workshops remotely (e.g. via Skype) and we are used to working with virtual dispersed teams.




Diagnose – Optimise – Align – Plan – Empower




Sasol’s Oxygen Train 17 Outside Battery Limits (OBL) project team, faced with a challenging schedule and an extended construction site with access constraints, decided to apply a structured “Value Improving Practice (VIP)“ methodology in order to reduce construction risks. Two “Constructability” VIP work sessions, facilitated by OTC and attended by the Owner, the PMT, the Engineering and Construction Contractors, were central in developing a modular construction philosophy which entailed the fabrication of pre-assembled pipe racks and reduced the amount of on-site work with safety, cost and schedule benefits. Workshop outcomes were comprehensively documented and were used as input to the execution plan and the programme for the work.

Greg Scorer


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