The OTC GDR tool is an expert system that quickly and accurately determines the status of project deliverables and project risk to improve gate decision making.

Software especially designed for owner and contracting project organisations involved in front-end loading or concept phase, pre feasibility, feasibility, basic engineering or bankable feasibility study.



Comprehensively assess the readiness of each project deliverable using an Excel based questionnaire across 15 high level categories relevant to each stage in the stage-gate process.


Objectively benchmark the work performed against project norms for your type of project.  The benchmark information is based on the Construction Industries Institute (CII) PDRI database together with enhancements by OTC and other experts.


Identify risk at each stage together with recommended mitigation steps.  The result is a formal assessment that comprehensively evaluates the readiness of your project deliverables at each gate together with a detailed project risk register and mitigation plan.


The Gate Deliverable Readiness (GDR) application provides a framework to plan the stage’s work and measure project deliverables at each gate, thereby ensuring resources stay focused on what is important in each stage. It enables an owner team to benchmark the project gate readiness at the end of each stage against best practice using objective measurement criteria.
The GDR process is an important element of project value assurance, particularly during the definition and front end loading (FEL) phases.
Furthermore, the GDR application identifies gaps in definition and thereby is an important tool for planning as well as assessing and mitigating against project risks due to definition uncertainty.

Easy to use robust Excel based tool
Expert knowledge – your project readiness score is normalised across 15 high level categories
Assess unmitigated risk and post mitigation risk, identify mitigation activities
Focused reporting that facilitates management decision making
Aligned to AACE, IPA, EPCM and CII terminology and standards


Ensuring that your project deliverables are fully aligned with the end-of-stage criteria should not be based on guesswork. Understanding exactly what needs to be defined and to what level of detail ensures quality deliverables that enables good gate decision making. It also ensures that scarce resources are utilised only when and where they are needed.

Quickly identify project areas that require additional work
Improve team productivity for facilitating, recording and reporting gate review proceedings
Identify risk areas against a comprehensive checklist
Optimise utilisation of resources over the project life-cycle
Obtain an objective unbiased assessment of deliverable status


Improved project definition
Reduced wasted effort early on in definition and pre-feasibility
Improved information available during gate reviews
Reduced contractor adjustments and claims
The project manager is set up for success – scope, quality, time and budget performance


The OTC GDR Application licence is an annual commitment that includes support and the licence for the CII PDRI tool.  If your company already has a CII membership you need not purchase the CII PDRI tool again.

First year licence

$450/first year only, thereafter reduced annual pricing
  • Access to GDR app and CII PDRI app
  • First years licence, subsequent years are on a reducing scale:  Year 2=$200, Year 3=$100, Year 4 and later =$50
  • Includes 1 years support
  • Includes 1 years upgrades
  • Discounted OTC Toolkit membership
  • Discount if already a CII member

We are so confident that you will be entirely satisfied with your purchase that we offer a 20 day full refund if you decide that this tool is not for you.

Good news for existing CII members and OTC Toolkit members!

We offer the following discounts to existing paid up CII members and OTC Toolkits members as follows:

CII Members:   $316 discount in first year (because you already have the PDRI licence)

OTC Toolkits Members:   $50 discount in first year,   $35 in second year, $20 in third year, $10 in subsequent years.

To claim your discount,  please contact OTC to get your discount coupons BEFORE placing your order.   CII members will need to provide proof of membership.

About the PDRI

Industry experts agree that the PDRI process is the right approach to evaluating the readiness of project deliverables for gate decision making

The PDRI can benefit owners, designers and constructors and provides numerous benefits to the project team. These include: a detailed checklist for work planning, standardized scope definition terminology, facilitation of risk assessment, assistance in progress monitoring, aid in communication of requirements between participants, method of reconciling differences between project participants, a training tool, and a benchmarking basis.


Poor scope definition is recognized as one of the leading causes of project failure, resulting in cost and schedule overruns, and long term operational issues. As a result, front end planning is one of the most important process in the construction and operation of a capital asset. The PDRI methodology is proven to reduce risk in capital project delivery by promoting rigorous scope definition and a collaborative review process during front end planning. Using the PDRI methodology will help your project teams improve scope definition, become better aligned, and provide transparency on identified gaps. This helps to equip all project stakeholders to better mitigate risks identified in PDRI reviews, predict potential issues, and overcome costly problems down the road.


Your advice was really useful for us in connection with PDRI using to support our Stage Gate process.
Based on your suggestions, several changes were executed related to Industrial projects.
We are quite smoothly going ahead in three of our divisions.

Project Delivery Office

Major Oil Company

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get support?
The application comes with complete documentation.  Online support is also available from OTC through the OTC Toolkits forums or by sending an e-mail to   If you need more support or consulting and training OTC is happy to provide a quote for your specific needs.

OTC also provides a comprehensive value assurance consulting service including project gate reviews as well as the use of the tool.

What are the system requirements?
Microsoft Excel 2013 or later for Windows. The application uses Visual Basic and macros.

Does the licence include any other CII benefits?
The licence includes the perpetual use of the CII PDRI tool.  The CII PDRI tool has the basic GDR assessment without the OTC developed enhancements.  The licence does not include any other CII membership benefits.

I am already a CII member, how do I claim my credit?
Existing CII members do not pay for the underlying PDRI model.   You simply contact OTC ahead of your purchase with evidence of your membership and we will send you a discount coupon which you need to apply when checking out from the OTC online store.

I am an OTC Toolkits member, how do I claim my discount?
Existing OTC Toolkit members are eligible for a discount on your annual licence.   Before you place an order you simply contact OTC ahead of your purchase and we will send you a discount coupon which you need to apply when checking out from the OTC online store.   The discount will continue to be deducted as long as you remain a member in subsequent years in line with the following sliding scale:

Year 1:    $50

Year 2:   $35

Year 3:   $20

Year 4:   $10

What is your refund policy?
We offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 20 days of your purchase. If you are not satisfied with our product, then simply send us an email and we will refund your purchase right away. Our goal has always been to create a happy, thriving community. If you are not thrilled with the product or are not enjoying the experience, then we have no interest in forcing you to stay an unhappy member.

What if I cancel after one year?
Your licence key is valid for a year.  Should you cancel you will be unable to use the GDR software in subsequent years.  You will receive a licence key every year on receipt of payment for the following year.  After cancellation you will be able to continue to use the basic CII PDRI application in terms of the CII licence agreement without the OTC enhancements.

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