OTC works with the following strategic partners to help our clients grow business value through successful projects

SAIYL creates value through developing successful projects.   SAIYL’s vision is to build a sustainable business that pushes industry boundaries through innovation, expertise, energy and drive.  Our services include engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, project management and operations improvement.

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Growing Operations Advisors is a small innovative consulting house based in Germany, specialized in sustainable and substantial productivity improvement for small and medium enterprises in the industry and service business. We optimize your current operations, create leadership capabilities, improve investment projects, introduce automation and digital operations.

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Growing GmbH 

Howard Aidevo are an experienced team that intimately understands the development and implementation of large capital projects. Each expert brings years of specialised knowledge on different aspects of a project. Our strategic partnerships ensure that every phase of your project is addressed making us your partner from the moment you conceptualise your project to when you commission it. We are passionate about delivering high quality infrastructure on time and budget.

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Howard Aidevo Consulting Limited (Kenya)

HB&A are a boutique project development company specializing in project design, development and implementation. In the 90’s, HB&A undertook project development assessments with the assistance of expert teams from all over the world, introduced by Tuppeny Associates USA utilizing computer software to define new technology and project development risk.

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Hugh Brown and Associates