Articles and books written by experts for owners

Our team enjoys sharing our expertise through writing books, articles and blogs and we are happy to make this diverse range of topics available to you.   The books are available through Amazon or CreateSpace.

Insight Articles

Insight articles are published monthly and are written by the OTC consultants and guest writers.   They cover selected topics relating to capital projects, industry information and business.   You can subscribe to receive Insight Articles monthly,  or get yourself a copy of Project Insights (above).

Programme Management for Owner Teams

This book is covers programme management from an owner team perspective. It provides a practical overview and understanding of what programme management is compared to managing a single project or a portfolio of projects.

You will find case study examples, as well as the tools required in all the relevant areas of project and programme management. Programmes are covered from initial inception through to final completion, focusing not only on achieving project objectives, but also on the overall business objectives of the programme. The focus and level of detail required from an owner programme management team are covered.

The book covers programme initiation and shaping, business ethics, obtaining alignment amongst stakeholders, planning, organising and control aspects, communication and nurturing of the team throughout the life cycle of the programme.

Companion Templates

For owners of “Program Management for Owner Teams” we have prepared a number of templates that you can use to be more productive in your own project.

Project Insights Vol 1

Insight Articles cover aspects of project management and programme management, engineering trends, as well as other topical matters pertaining to the energy and petrochemical markets.   Project Insights, Volume 1, is a compilation of all the articles published on our website in the first two years, namely from May 2014 to April 2016. That means a total of 24 articles as they originally appeared, published in one book in chronological order.

Short Blog Articles

Blogs are written by the OTC consultants and relate to practical topics in the OTC toolkit framework.  

Project stakeholder management is a necessity, not a nice to have

Stakeholder engagement is an important discipline that is used to win support from others. It helps the sponsor and project manager ensure that their project succeeds where others fail. Stakeholder identification and expectation management are continuous processes throughout the project life cycle.

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Lessons learnt on projects

A critical part of a successful project is the ability to identify and apply applicable lessons learnt and successes throughout the project life cycle.

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