Growing business value through successful projects

Protecting the owner’s long term interest during a capital project is critical for business success.

Projects that meet safety, cost, schedule, operability and business performance targets don’t happen by chance.  They rely on a structured process.

The business idea must be developed so that the project can be properly initiated

As the design progresses it is important at each stage to align the activities and outputs with the needs of the business, the project team and the engineering contractors.

Every decision through the design, construction, commissioning and operation needs to consider the owners longer term goals in order to ultimately deliver a successful business.

Follow a step by step Process to optimise business value during your project

OTC are experienced consultants specialising in the development of industrial scale mega projects

OTC bridges the gap between the original business idea and a fully developed project framework that is ready for an engineering contractor to commence design.

Throughout project execution OTC continues to provide consulting services and tools that guide the project in line with the owners needs.

The value to the owner lies in a well defined business case, a well executed project that results in an optimised and reliable industrial facility that is the foundation for a succesful business venture.

The management of capital investment has an enormous effect on profitability and competitiveness, yet few companies do it effectively. We believe that the use of evaluation tools, disciplined processes, and best practices can help companies trim capital spending by up to a quarter without reducing capacity or functionality – and improve their operating costs and revenues through better investment decisions.

McKinsey & Company

Our project now in the final phase of final feasibility development and is depending on the OTC team to assist us with the final steps to commissioning. We are thoroughly impressed with the work OTC did for our partners during the prefeasibility phase. OTC come highly recommended to any project developer or large process and petrochemical complex owners as world class engineers and practitioners. Hugh Brown

Chairman, Hugh Brown and Associates

OTC conducted a technical review of the Clean Carbon Industries (CCI) Coal to Liquid (CTL) project.  The evaluation was done within budget and on schedule and the OTC members conducted themselves in a professional manner. We can highly recommend OTC for any complex technical evaluation within their field of expertise. Estevao Pale

CEO, Companhia Moçambicana de Hidrocarbonetos SA

Gasconsult contracted OTC in October 2017 to support them in developing a prefeasibility study for a CBM to LNG facility in Botswana. The work included an LNG marketing study and optimum plant sizing; technical scoping and economics of the overall facility – both Gas Field Development and LNG facility. The study was delivered in May 2018. OTC worked throughout in a timeous and professional manner and delivered a high quality and comprehensive report Bill Howe

CEO, Gasconsult

Project Insights

Articles written by experienced project professionals which relate to the owner team’s role in a project.   We publish a new article every month.

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An integrated strategic view on corporate social investment (CSI) and social responsibility (CSR) is important so that businesses both contribute and benefit from sustainable economic development.