Adding bottom line value over the full project life-cycle

As an organisation needing to make capital investments you are faced with several challenges.  You might not have a dedicated owner team in-house who can develop and execute capital projects.  Or your team might lack specific experience or expertise in certain areas.  You might not have a complete end to end methodology, or your current methodology does not adequately cover what needs to be done.

Project Management and Project Services is the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time. The primary challenge of Project Management is to achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints whereas the services portion is the support functions to enable effective project management.

A number of companies do not have, or cannot justify, permanent in-house project management and project services teams to define and oversee project development throughout the life cycle. These projects are often overseen by inexperienced project teams which rely solely on the engineering contractor for direction and potentially conflicting agendas.

How we help clients

OTC provides a diverse range of skilled resources to assist owners with project management and project processes for project development and implementation.  During project development and implementation we follow a team based approach by delivering a complete Project Management service or by complementing the owners team resources.

During the development and implementation of projects we aim to  protect the owner’s long term interest. We make our clients’ owner team more effective through providing management, project advice, training, specialised tools and support.

OTC will work with you to:

  1. Provide Project Management and Project Controls services.
  2. Improve your existing project processes with an emphasis on the early stage project development.
  3. Provide you with a structured and proven front end loading practice that can result in  cost reduction, a reduction in time to beneficial operation and improvement in safety performance.
  4. Improve the predictability of future project outcomes and improve the ability of your project team to deliver as promised.   We will empower your team to ensure that they meet the long-term performance criteria set by the client.
  5. We also assist owners in the evaluation or due diligence of existing projects and help implement recommended improvements.

How we work

OTC provides consulting services throughout the project lifecycle based on proven stage gate methodologies.   These are delivered in the form of self-service resources and/or training (Toolkits), facilitated workshops, training courses and consulting.

OTC can take on all or part of the Owner Team role by providing appropriate competent personnel.  OTC can also assist the owner in identifying and recruiting members of the owner team in which case OTC could function in a supporting, advisory and coaching role.

Services Offered

Management and support in owner team set up
  • Defining the key competencies and structure for an effective owner team; and
  • Assist / advise in setting up Project Management and Project Control  practices with proven methodologies for project success.
Management and support in the front-end phases of the project
  • Framing and alignment involving key stakeholders;
  • Business case development, preparation of the prefeasibility and feasibility study estimates and schedules etc.;
  • Assist with evaluation and qualification of contractors;
  • Assist / Advising on project controls systems and processes;
  • Analysis of Engineering Contractor systems; and
  • Development of quality and risk management plans and the implementation thereof.
Owner team support throughout the project life cycle
  • Provision of Project Management oversight and support during project execution;
  • Reviewing existing client/contractor relationships and systems to identify and guide improvements;
  • Provide Project Controls services (planning, scheduling, estimating, quantity surveying);
  • Assist / support in project document management; 
  • Assist / support with change management processes; 
  • Ensure strong interfaces between all disciplines especially financial for preparation of asset registers, progress reports and forecasting etc.;
  • Sourcing of competent personnel to staff the owner project team throughout the project lifecycle;
  • Project management, procurement and construction oversight;
  • Involvement and guidance in the project steering committee;
  • Guiding and advising the project sponsor;
  • Team Effectiveness Analysis – The OTC Project Team Effectiveness Assessment provides you with the insights to proactively ensure your project team performs at the highest level;
  • Team wellness; and
  • Community Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy planning and oversight.
Project Management Office support
  • Setting up of a project office and organisation;
  • Assistance with analysing / providing project processes and systems;
  • Guidance / support on integrated project management and project controls systems;
  • Project Portfolio Management;
  • Project benchmarking; and
  • Forensic performance assessment.

Specialised Reviews

These specialised reviews follow a process with deliverables specified upfront.  Depending on the problem, we typically start with an executive level assessment to determine the objective.  This is then followed by workshops and information gathering as required to clarify the requirements and map the way forward.  The final deliverable is usually a report or a clear plan that the owner can act on.

  • Project gate readiness review;
  • Schedule review and audits;
  • Capital estimate reviews, risk identification, contingency estimation and expenditure trending;
  • Earned Value Management Systems Implementation;
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis;
  • Project Health Indicator assessment;
  • Enterprise Risk Management System Implementation; and
  • Value engineering.

Kevin Mattheys

Consulting Partner

Kevin has been in Project Controls and inter-related fields for more than 30 years. He has an Electrical Engineering qualification from Wits Technikon as well as a BCom degree and Project Management Diploma. More...

Koos Taljaard

Consulting Partner, Director

Koos has over 38 years experience in multidisciplinary mining, mineral beneficiation and the cement industry in various executive, projects, operational, engineering, business development and consulting roles. He is a registered professional engineer with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. More...


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