We are a team of experienced consultants with complementary competencies specialising in the development of industrial scale projects and we:


  • confirm that business objectives can be achieved; 
  • are passionate about, understand and can balance owner needs;
  • identify risk areas and opportunities and propose mitigating plans;
  • add most value when we work from a position of trust, as part of the owner’s team, during the early stages of project development.


OTC consultants comprise a group of business managers, functional specialists, senior engineers, project managers and experienced general managers.  Each prior to joining OTC were employed in executive, senior and specialist positions at major companies, leaving them with an extraordinary depth of business, project and technical acumen.

The cumulative, relevant experience of the consulting partners exceeds 300 years, with many more specialised disciplines represented through our network of independent consultants and associates.


Our mission is to help owner teams and business managers become more effective by supplying expert advice, toolkits, training and support.


Jurie Steyn


Freek van Heerden

Managing Director

Koos Taljaard

Commercial Director

Kevin Mattheys

Company Secretary & Finance

Charl Buys

Charl Buys


We help you create business value:

1. Owner organisations wanting to develop industrial scale projects are looking for access to experienced resources who intimately understand the industry, can mobilise quickly  and have proven project execution capabilities.

2. Entrepreneurs are also looking for a partner willing to share some of the risk during project development, who has access to a wide network and who can assist with securing project finance.

3. Financiers are looking to mitigate their exposure to risk by tapping into the knowledge of independent professionals who understand the practicalities of developing an industrial scale venture and running it successfully.

No matter the stage of the project development or operations, in order to create a successful new business you will need to use the best proven methodologies for:

  • Business case evaluations and benchmarking.
  • Business development services.
  • Process and technology know how.

    “Success” is much more than delivering a project on time and on budget. The resulting business needs to be profitable and sustainable.  This requires close attention  throughout the life-cycle:

    • Digitisation and automation related services.
    • Business and operations optimisation.
    • Independent audits and reviews of internal processes.
    • Analysis and troubleshooting.

    Looking for a partner that specialises in the following? 

    • Project Development Services.
    • Prefeasibility and feasibility studies.
    • Project Specific Consulting Services.
    • Programme management support.
    • Project reviews.
    • Specific project services (including owner team roles).
    • Mentoring and training.
    • Guide owners that are implementing projects while fulfilling specific owner roles on industrial scale projects throughout the project life-cycle.
    • Provide tools, guidance, coaching, training,  facilitated workshops and subject matter expert led activities.
    • Developing and licensing technologies for the beneficiation of coal, biomass and gas resources into synthetic fuels and energy.
    • Develop projects together with prospective developers/owners.
    • Analyse projects, existing businesses and/or operations to identify improvement opportunities and then guide owners in the implementation of these.
    • Marketing analysis and sales.
    • Business and financial modelling.
    • Project development:  using a proven feasibility framework, stage-gate and value assurance process.
    • Risk management.
    • Fulfilling the owner roles throughout the product life-cycle.
    • Strategic partner management.
    • Technology development (xTL) and other.
    • Provision of specialised subject matter expertise.
    • Information product development.
    • IP management and licensing.
    • Business management consulting.
    • Optimisation of existing businesses/operations or identification of improvement opportunities.
    • Audits and reviews of both projects and established businesses.


    We proactively seek out and build alliances with the best in the industry to strengthen our offering to clients.  All our partners have specific regional, industry and functional expertise.


    SAIYL creates value through developing successful projects. SAIYL’s vision is to build a sustainable business that pushes industry boundaries through innovation, expertise, energy and drive. Our services include engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, project management and operations improvement.

    Growing Operations Advisors

    Growing Operations Advisors is a small innovative consulting house based in Germany, specialized in sustainable and substantial productivity improvement for small and medium enterprises in the industry and service business. We optimize your current operations, create leadership capabilities, improve investment projects, introduce automation and digital operations.

    To learn more about how we can help you achieve your business objectives please don’t hesitate to contact us: