We support and enable business to optimise operations

There is a need to constantly improve operational performance as the business must keep on growing and improving as well as adapt to new challenges and changing customer requirements. 

Production facilities often underperform and seldom meet their intended capacities as operations slowly deteriorate over time through either loss in availability, throughput or product quality. Improving the productivity of existing operations adds directly to the bottom line profit of a company.

A holistic approach to operational performance is important to ensure that any performance improvement benefits are sustained.

How we help our clients

During ongoing operations we help you adapt to new challenges and optimise your operation by providing experienced consultants and subject-matter experts in support of the business. We have the expertise to look at the full business value chain, including technical functions and organisational structuring and processes, as well as possible “soft” issues.

How we work

We, as part of the client team, follow a structured process in which we :

  1. Determining the present baseline that the plant can sustain (Availability, Throughput and Quality).  
  2. Set up mechanisms to track the performance continuously to be able to identify deviations and measure progress. 
  3. Investigate and identify reasons for any deviations, good or bad and be that technical, process or people. 
  4. Determine what the deviations are between the measured baseline and the design intent or maximum sustainable capacity. 
  5. Finding the root causes. 
  6. Developing business cases, justifications and selecting best options for implementation.
  7. Specifying requirements for and support implementing preventive or corrective actions This could include an optimised operating or maintenance philosophy and strategy (systems, standards, procedures, equipment replacements, other modifications, personnel training and development, communication, recognition), organisational structure changes and capital projects.
  8. Assist with the necessary change management to ensure success. The change management plan is developed to be fit for purpose, based on the capacity, structure, and culture of the client company. 
  9. Review performance after implementation to confirm new baseline.

During ongoing operations we help you adapt to new challenges and optimise your operation by providing experienced consultants and subject-matter experts in support of the business.

Services Offered

  • Benchmark  studies

  • Due diligence audits (Mergers and Acquisitions)

  • Business performance audits

  • Strategy development and facilitation of strategy workshops

  • Organisational structuring including clarification of roles and responsibilities

  • Competency and skills gap analysis and training needs analysis

  • Training – “soft” skills, technical skills ( e.g. problems analysis, root cause analysis)

  • Business case development

  • Scoping of plant modifications and capital projects.

  • Ongoing plant support on a “retainer” basis

  • Supporting the change management process

OTC is aware of the importance of optimising the value of the business at the time of sale and will help ensure continuity during and after the transfer.

  • Valuation of the project at different stages of development
  • Proper governance and stewardship in terms of intellectual property and moveable assets, including licenses, technologies and design documentation
  • Developing a handover plan to the new owner
  • Providing resources through the transition process
  • Supporting the change management process


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