Charl Buys

Consulting Partner

Charl has over 40 years experience in engineering and business management.  He has worked in the steel industry and over 30 years in petrochemical and xTL sectors.

About Charl

 Charl is a graduate chemical engineer who also holds an masters degree in business leadership. He has more than 38 years of engineering and business management experience, covering 3 years in the steel industry and 32 years in the petrochemical (CTL and GTL) industry.

Charl’s areas of expertise include:

  • Group management (of Sasol Group of Companies)
  • Strategy development
  • Business optimisation
  • Capital portfolio development
  • New Business Development
  • Project Development
  • Capital project owner team management
  • Engineering services management
  • CTL and GTL plant operations management
  • Gasification technologies.


Structuring the Business to the Project Opportunity

Structuring the Business to the Project Opportunity

The world constantly provides us with a myriad of challenging and exciting business opportunities. Whether you are an entrepreneur developing the opportunity or it is being developed by the business development department of a major corporation, the focus is normally...

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Site Selection for Process Plants

Site Selection for Process Plants

In this article, we’ll discuss the site selection process, we’ll see how facility objectives influence site selection, we’ll spend time on site selection criteria and discuss the site selection decision matrix. Introduction Selecting a site for a process plant is far...

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