[8 August 2018] Owner Team Consultation (OTC) is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Growing Operations Advisors intended to broaden the overall consulting service offering to owners and operators of industrial facilities.  

OTC is a South African based multidisciplinary group of experienced consultants who specialise in the development and operation of industrial scale mega projects in order to realise the intended business benefits.  OTC’s customers are typically owners and operators of industrial facilities involved in the beneficiation of coal, gas and biomass resources throughout Africa, with an emphasis on new sources of clean energy and synthetic fuels.

Growing Operations Advisors is a small innovative consulting house based in Hamburg, Germany that specialise in sustainable and substantial productivity improvement for small and medium enterprises in the industry and service business. Growing optimises the current operations, creates leadership capabilities, improves investment projects and introduces automation and digital operations.

Project developers and owners of industrial facilities need to ensure that capital projects deliver the expected business outcomes. This is done by optimising the design and concept as early as possible, and then carefully managing the project execution to ensure delivery of the anticipated outcomes.  Operators of industrial facilities also need to ensure that the anticipated business benefits are sustained. With the increased use of digitisation in manufacturing, there are many opportunities to improve performance during the project as well as throughout ongoing operations. The business environment worldwide is currently undergoing the 4th industrial revolution, capabilities of modern leaders must stay ahead of the change, inspire the teams to move sometimes even to the unknown.

Growing Operations Advisors brings extensive lean leadership and digital manufacturing competence.  OTC have developed a set of Toolkits that support owner teams during the development of capital projects and the subsequent operations.    Together these competences ensure that clients will have access to a structured and optimised process for managing capital and optimizing existing industrial facilities.

For more information:
Growing Operations Advisors:   www.growingoperations.com
OTC:   www.ownerteamconsult.com